Temporarily Closed 9/14-9/19

Howdy Folks! We're temporarily closed (9/14 - 9/19) but don't fret! It's nothing crazy. Our entire crew is currently off-grid and working to fill their freezers which means there's no one at Conundrum HQ right now. While we're taking our bows and muzzleloaders on nice long hikes in the backcountry, you will still be able to place an order on our website. HOWEVER, your order will not ship until the crew is back on Monday September 20th. Same spiel goes for email...we'll be off-grid...which kinda means we'll be tech free for the week. It's inconvenient...WE KNOW. But the crew is hangry so let us roam free for a tad. Cool? As a peace offering we'll do free shipping on all orders $25 and up, now through Sunday the 19th. If you would like access through the pearly gates of our website use the password: "ELK". Happy Hunting or...shopping!

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