Aggressively Laid Back Low Profile Hat - Tan/Loden

Aggressively Laid Back Low Profile Hat - Tan/Loden

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There are moments in our lives where it's absolute go-time. The times when we crave adrenaline and challenge in all shapes and forms. Sometimes we'll search for it in downhill mountain biking - other times it manifests in snowmobiling. This is our ever changing, aggressive side. It can last for mere hours or days on end, but the need for adrenaline, edge-of-your-seat-out-of-your-comfort-zone excitement is something we all experience whether you know how to embrace it or not.

Our other side is our laid-back side. The side that's down for a mountain side beer on the slopes and a warm campfire with our closest friends. It's the side that embraces simplicity and appreciation for the little things.

It's a balance of two strong wills that are present almost all of the time - understanding the principles of who you are and why you do the things you do. Are you aggressively laid-back? 

  • Structured, low-profile hat with a tan leather-like patch and a snap back closure.
  • Light tan front panel, brown brim, and loden green mesh.