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Bear Rights Trucker Hat - Multicam Khaki

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RIGHT TO BEAR - Roam, defend, provide. These are the guiding principles that give us purpose and direction in our daily lives. 

Roam: We need to move. Remote waterways, steep ridgelines, and dense timber - this is our playground. We are fueled by the unknown and the hard work it takes to get there. 

Defend: We seek to protect the people and things we hold near and dear to our heart. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, "speak softly and carry a big stick". 

Provide: For ourselves, our friends, and our families, we look to provide rather than depend. Hunting, fishing, or lending a hand, we aim to give more than we take. 


  • Structured, mid-profile hat with a brown patch and a snap back closure.
  • Multicam khaki patterned front panel & khaki mesh.
  • Multicam pattern varies per hat (no two hats are exactly alike).