How About Sizing?

Online shopping is hard, we get it. That's why we decided to make it as easy as possible to ensure you're getting the right size gear for you. We want you to be confident in your purchase and when you're happy, we're happy. 

Here's What We Recommend

1. Find your favorite t-shirt, long sleeve, hoodie, etc.

2. Lay it flat on any hard surface.

3. Measure from the shoulder seam at the collar to the bottom hem. This is body length. 

4. Measure from armpit seam to opposite armpit seam. This is body width. 

Write down those measurements and then compare them to the sizing guide provided on every product page. Choose the closest match and you'll be well on your way to receiving your new favorite shirt!

Added Benefits

Have you ever tried shopping for a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, family member or close relative? Yeah it's hard. T-shirts are probably the best gift you could ever possibly give but you never know what size they wear! Plus, you're never exactly sure how a shirt will fit. With our sizing recommendations you'll be able to give a gift with confidence. Its just up to you to snag their favorite shirt!