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  • What Does Conundrum Mean?

    How the F$@% did we get our nameStory time. 

    There are several definitions for the word “Conundrum” but here’s the one that sticks like tree sap:

    ‘A Conundrum is a problem or situation where there is no clear, right solution.’

    And Outfitters:

    ‘An establishment that sells clothing, equipment, and services, especially for outdoor activities.’

    We’re an outdoor apparel and accessories brand designed around and inspired by the hardships, complexities, and unpredictability of the magical thing we call, LIFE. We believe a life well-lived is a life full of experience and never-ending pursuit. 

    For us, it’s about doing the best you can with the tools, resources, and knowledge you have and more often than not, it’s about learning the hard way.

    It’s about self reliance, grit, hard work, perseverance, tough situations, and good attitudes. It’s about getting s#$% done when you have no other option. It’s about decision making, opportunity costs, consequences of the unknown, and having a kickass time amongst it all. Put simply, it’s about warm campfires, cold drinks, worn hands, and great friends. 

    And finally…

    It’s about a backcountry trip in 2015 that resulted in a freak lightning storm, rain, hail, hauling a** down a mountain, getting turned around and crossing the same damn Conundrum Creek three times just to get back to camp. True story.

    In conclusion,


    There is no right answer, there is only the answer you give. Choose wisely.